I don't care anymore if people dress like me, now I want them to think like me. Madonna


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My Taobao store is focused on Street-style; the original intention of opening it is to form a convenient way for students to purchase fashionable and affordable clothes. My store's themes is focusing on not only containing the fashionable,concise,comfortable and decent elements within the clothes but also trying to maintain its youthful vigour.

 As a fashion follower, I believe beauty is not all about simplicity. Colorful and complex things have their own beauty. Sometimes, too simple clothes can be short of fashion element as well as certain degree of beauties in which it can be better explained by piece of clothes with more complex details. Therefore, I
defined the clothing I am choosing are concise but not simple and the collections are classified by pure color, stripes, gradient series  in which, as I believe, basic items are the most essential elements and permanent in fashion. - Teresa

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