Everybody Needs A Place

Fashion  never sleeps and even after work when I get back home there are so many things I need to finish or to start doing. Especially designing work. I love working at home, doing some sketches, draping some quick sample dresses, using my lock stitch industrial sewing machine. Most of the work I have to carry to the studio anyway cause it has to be approved by the team members or by the head designer. After approval and action plan the projects are moving forward and depending on what kind of project is we produce a samples or actual retail ready dresses. And after all day I again end up at my cozy home studio where I can relax a bit by reading fashion news, reviewing new projects, seeking for inspiration and finally do my personal schedule of the next day.


My Life As A Fashion Design Student Part One

Summer holidays are passing so fast and you won't even realise how fast you will be back the the daily routine. Well... But if you chose to study fashion, you won't be back to routine. Probably never again in your life. So before you start studying Fashion Design I want to share my positive and exciting experience as a Fashion Design student.

First of all it is so much fun to do fashion! At the moment I feel there is nothing better than doing Fashion degree, seriously. Normally, fashion people, we have something in common, so good news, if you are real fashionista, I am sure you will meet alike people. You may be spending your time at someone's house for the afternoon tea to watch Project Runway... Like 5 episodes in a row. And it is so important to talk to your mates as you can always learn from each other, you will learn to speak fashion, express your ideas. You will make connections with those people and you may be working together after university, they may introduce you to their connections such as  photographers and you may know some good model. So you all be sharing information and  these connections will help you a lot with your portfolio and coursework. 

I recognise that most of the Fashion students prefer to work at night and like most of other students you may delay your work. In Fashion course it is very easy, because you will be given projects to do and you will have total freedom at managing your time. Normally from 10 am to 5 pm, 4 days a week you will be expected to be in the university, but you will choose what to do at that time, you may do research in the library, you may be sewing at your own or meeting tutors personally. Sure we do have group classes, mostly sewing, but they don't take too long and they are normally very interesting and useful. 

As Fashion students love to party, you will meet those days when you are hangover and your head is totally not working. You will find the ways to take few hours lunch break, if you don't have group meetings ofcourse. And once again you may end up watching Project Runway at someone's house. 

Moreover, No one will tell you to shut up, unless you are dead annoying. During the meetings you will have to express your opinion, you will be always expected to have questions to the tutors and you will be always allowed to talk and request help. During the classes you will be working in the noisy workshops so you will have time to chat with your friends and  even tutors. From now on you can say goodbye to sleepy classrooms. You will be working like in a factory! 

Whatever you dress (if it is covering enough) you will easily get away with that. In the Art building you may meet more crazy looking people.  So you can start bring back the clothes that you always wanted to wear. 

As a fashion student, the best advantage is that you can get in to the amazing events by covering your title. Most of  us attend fashion weeks internationally, fashion presentations and independent catwalk shows. Even better, you will be organising catwalk shows and presentations, photoshoots and other really interesting things. What is best, these thing you will be doing during your university hours. We even have a trip to Paris and London to buy fabrics. We travel outside campus seminars to listen to amazing speakers and you will learn a lot from them. 

I hope these positive highlights of the course I have attended will help you to make up your mind about choosing Fashion course. Check on the universities websites what facilities they can provide and what lectures and seminars your course includes. It is useful to come to an Open Day event and meet  your tutors, they will give you a good knowledge about the subject.