"People who move in (fashion) circles never have anything to say. You know it's hard enough doing this job, I don't have to f*cking live it as well. I'd rather sit at home watching Coronation Street." - Alexander McQueen


Today's Outfit

Hat has always been one of my favorite accessory. And it is about time you started to wear it because this is a top autumn trend. You don't have a hat? Not a problem, shops are full of choices, choose a dramatic one, choose classic, choose big one, and finally, choose the one that suits your personality. 

I am never afraid of dramatic red color, I think it makes any outfit look more expensive. It emphasizes strong personality and I would strongly recommend you to start new season with something red. Red jacket, trousers, shoes, hand bag or even hat. Why don't you just walk in with fresh attitude for the following academic year.  
Be strong, be charming, be impulsive and active! 
With Love,


  1. fabulous! i love this look so much. nice touch with the hat!


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