"People who move in (fashion) circles never have anything to say. You know it's hard enough doing this job, I don't have to f*cking live it as well. I'd rather sit at home watching Coronation Street." - Alexander McQueen


Today's Outfit (LFW)

I always wanted to move to England to be more near the fashion center and see all those things that I used to watch in international magazines. And I did not even realize how fast everything become true, and after few years I am getting in London's fashion community.

I decided to wear classic vintage outfit. I love the geometry and the mix of different patterns. Evens so, I do not like dark and black palette, I felt that it would be a good idea to go for black and white mix.  The leather jackets helps me a lot at this time, vintage skirt matched with heavy leather coat transforms this vintage look to something elegant but yet modern.


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